Why Gifted Education?

Gifted children are intense. Passionate. Curious. Emotional. Intellectually driven. And yes, in some cases (but not all), academically advanced.  Many parents struggle with the gifted “label” and hesitate to choose a school for the gifted.  Yet, while learning is an emotional need for gifted children, their unique characteristics can make it difficult for them to thrive in traditional classrooms.  Gifted education helps children thrive through:

  • True Peers  Among a peer group that shares their passions and intensity, gifted children can feel free to be themselves, rather than hiding their intellectual drive in order to “fit in”
  • Differentiated Learning  Gifted children tend to develop asynchronously–for example, a 6-year-old gifted child may have mastered math concepts for multiplication and division, but  be an emergent reader.  Schools for the gifted accommodate this asynchrony through true differentiated learning
  • Authentic Learning  Gifted learners need less repetition and more depth and  complexity in the curriculum, as well as relevance–a way to connect their newfound skills and information to their everyday lives
  • Social/Emotional Learning  Gifted children benefit enormously from a social-emotional (SEL)  curriculum that helps them identify and manage their intensity and emotions